Letter Flow Animation Installation, 2024,
Enschede the Netherlands

Letter Flow, is an immersive installation with three projector screens, that offers a unique glimpse into my world with dyslexia. Through stop-motion animation using letter stamps, these screens vividly depict how I perceive dyslexia.

The visuals aim to convey the distinctive way in which dyslexic minds process information. By transforming letters into dynamic animations, the installation invites viewers to appreciate that dyslexia isn't about inadequacy but rather a different way of interpreting symbols.  Letter Flow serves as a bridge for positive empathy. 
It doesn't dwell on the sadness but invites understanding. 

Through its storytelling and interactive nature, the installation sparks conversations about neurodiversity and the problems that it causes in our society. It prompts us to reconsider how we approach dyslexia, encouraging a more inclusive and empathetic understanding of diverse ways of thinking and communicating.

Ultimately, this installation is a call for positive change. Let me invite you to step into a different perspective, not to pity but to appreciate, understand, and foster a more inclusive environment for everyone, regardless of how they perceive the world.

The  Making of Letter Flow
©Iris Kouwenberg IKouwenbergart@gmail.com 2024